Internet TV is on the Move

It would be a leap to say that just because people can use their apple device to access iTunes they are going to endorse an Apple TV product.  Prospective Internet TV users are devoted to one thing: intuitive ease of use that inspires creativity. Ringz has focused on developing a product to help visual media aficionados acquire, organize, watch and share their personal libraries with friends with the bonus ability to generate revenue.

People like to watch; and the past few years have made some things very clear: people love to choose their favorite programs; they like to research and see ads about products their friends like; they are tired of searching for something (anything) entertaining in a mêlée of visual content on cable channels; and that are tired of paying for cable that doesn’t truly justify the price. Yet they are held hostage by old programming methodology.  Finally there is a light on the horizon where internet-connected TVs threatens to disrupt the network cable TV business. Not only that, TV Everywhere is becoming a reality and many players are jumping into the game.

In the midst of CES, we are excited to meet with content providers and service manufacturers alike.  In recent consumer testing with over 100 participants, Ringz rung in high scores. It seems evident consumers are solution oriented and like the idea of content control and personal ad selection. While Apple iTV seems a bit far off considering orders for parts have not yet been placed, the scramble for social TV is on.

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