Around The App: May 8, 2012

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Long-Form Content on the Web – Not a Long Shot (Tubefilter)

There’s half a dozen behavioral triggers in granular content that drive us to click: Funny, Disgusting, Violent, Titillation, The Unexpected or the Controversial. Combine them and the effect is even more powerful. We click, we watch. Our brains fire endorphins in reaction.


For TV networks, social is hugely important (USA Today)

In the heyday of television, networks and advertisers craved the hottest TV shows, those capable of producing “water cooler” conversation the next morning.

My, how times have changed in the digital era. “The water cooler used to be the next day, now it’s while the show is going on,” says Greg Kahn, executive vice president of ad-buying firm Optimedia.


Yahoo! Survey Reveals Tablet Habits of the Average U.S. Home (Yahoo)

One need only observe the glowing LCD screens lighting up commuter trains, meeting rooms and coffee shops to see that tablets have become ubiquitous in our personal lives. 62% of all U.S. tablet owners now say they use their tablets on a daily basis with an average use of 2.4 hours per day (Viacom). But, what we don’t often see is exactly how, when and where tablets are used inside the home. (#Infograph)


Online Video Turns Up Heat (WSJ)
Newer Medium’s Push for Ad Dollars Isn’t Likely to Keep TV From Eking Out Gains

Early expectations are that TV networks will win an increase in total ad commitments for the fall season in the coming weeks of negotiations with advertisers known as the upfront. Yet, some big marketers, including General Motors Co. and Samsung Electronic Co.’s mobile arm, say they are planning to shift some of their TV budgets to the Web.


TV.30 What’s Next? (NYC)


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